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    Le Contrôleur is the perfect ally for any business looking to focus on its main expertise.

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    Le Contrôleur offers an innovative approach based on taking over your corporate finance:

    • A human perspective based on expertise and trust
    • A rigorous multidisciplinary team

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    Julie R.
    CEO and General Manager

    Where are the cheques to sign?

    Bruno H.
    General Manager

    Can we afford this acquisition?

    Lola F.
    Project Manager

    Who approved this invoice?

    Charles H.
    CEO and General Manager

    When will month-end be done?

    Simplify your growth

    Our five-step process
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    with our innovative products

    More than just implementing systems

    Our team embraces the vision of your organization’s leaders, so we can implement modern, powerful and realistic solutions that will let you achieve your short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

    Simplify your processes

    Rigorous and efficient financial control

    Our financial control team is dedicated to managing all aspects of your corporate finances. From tightly managing your account payables, cash flow or month-end closing work, our passionate experts are dedicated to delivering the best results.

    Take control

    Improve your processes using reliable data

    By combining our financial and technological know-how with control work done ahead of time, we create detailed dashboards customized for your line of business and goals.

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