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    Improve your processes using reliable data

    By combining our financial and technological know-how with control work done ahead of time, we create detailed dashboards customized for your line of business and goals that help you increase corporate performance.

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    Our approach

    Once we have taken over control and implemented the right tools, it is time to push back the boundaries.

    To improve processes, we start by analyzing your company’s current practices and processes and identifying areas ripe for optimization. Ultimately, we work to simplify your operations, provide you with more reliable data and reduce the risk of errors.

    Being involved in your finances means that our team knows your business inside and out. We can, therefore, suggest improvements that are tailored to your situation and industry and that will enhance your business’s performance.

    Our services

    Frequent follow-ups with various members of our team keep you on track to reach your goals.

    The rollercoaster of business

    There are lots of challenges involved in being an entrepreneur. We know! But our team has the skills to support each one of our clients as they navigate changes in their business. We are there to help you make the best possible decisions for your situation.

    Indicators tailored to your needs

    We take your reality and line of business into account to identify performance indicators that are best suited to your company and needs. And if required, we can even custom design some indicators for you!

    Your ambitions are our top priority

    We recommend continuous improvement opportunities to ensure that you benefit from the technologies and indicators most likely to help you reach and exceed even your goals. Our team focuses on what makes you grow so you can achieve your dreams.

    A few figures

    Important markers of process improvement

    10 to 20
    Number of management indicators revised monthly
    1 to 4
    Number of databases used to interpret reports
    2 to 5
    Number of functionalities added to our systems every quarter
    1 000 or +
    Number of positive decisions made using our analyses
    Frequently asked questions

    Answers to the questions we are asked most frequently

    How can you compare my company with others in the industry?

    We are well connected with businesses in a variety of industries, giving a good overview of your line of business, its best practices, and how it all relates to your business reality.

    How can you create indicators or dashboards specific to my company?

    Some of the tools we implement allow us to create custom dashboards for your business. These dashboards feed off the data available in your accounting and operational software.

    How does process improvement work?

    Continuous improvement suggestions can come from internal sources or from implemented software. They can be requested by business managers during meetings with our team of experts or they can stem from new functionalities made available in software deployed in your company.

    Additional services

    Seeing you grow and evolve is our greatest pride.


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