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    More than just implementing systems

    Our team embraces the vision of your organization’s leaders, so we can implement modern, powerful and realistic solutions that will let you achieve your short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

    Simplify your processes
    Lines of business

    Our expertise allows us to offer services with added value.

    Our clients are all unique, but their system implementation needs and requirements are often similar. Our team is there to offer trusted, proven solutions that have been tested in the marketplace. Thanks to our specialized experience, we can provide you with comprehensive plans that consider all aspects of your business.

    Our business architecture team has acquired considerable experience in a variety of fields. We have the skills to guide you through the changes you face by proposing solutions tailored to the size of your business. Because we are specialized, we can truly understand your reality.

    Service businesses
    IT services
    Our services

    Our role is to guide you through important change.

    Understanding your reality

    Our team first gains in-depth understanding of your existing business and accounting processes to fully comprehend your reality.

    Centralizing your data

    Our goal is to compile, adjust and harmonize your computerized data, or paper documents, to prepare for implementing systems.

    Implementing systems

    By combining your reality with our expertise, we create an effective formula that supports your long-term goals.

    A few figures

    Important markers in a systems implementation process:

    2 to 4 months
    The average duration of a business’s systems implementation process
    4 or +
    The number of software in use in a business
    1 to 3
    The number of reallocated in-house resources
    50 or +
    The number of tools that our team tested to find the best solutions available
    Frequently asked questions

    Answers to the questions we are asked most frequently

    What are the first steps to working together?

    Before we even start implementing anything, our team takes the time to analyze your business and financial processes to fully understand your situation. We then establish a clear game plan with management to ensure a seamless implementation.

    Does your team take care of internal training for the new tools?

    Yes, we do! We document your new processes, then train managers and employees on how to use the new tools in place.

    As a leader, what is my role in all this?

    Your role is an important one: to help us understand how you currently do things and where the company is going in the future. To do so, we will organize several working sessions with you so we can get a full picture. We believe that teamwork produces the best results and lets us customize our technological tools to your needs.

    Do I need to pause operations at any point?

    No, no need to halt operations. Our team will implement systems in a way that ensures your operations never come to a standstill.

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    Implementing systems is only the first step in taking control.


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