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    Rigorous and efficient financial control

    Our financial control team is dedicated to managing all aspects of your corporate finances. From tightly managing your account payables, cash flow or month-end closing work, our passionate experts are dedicated to delivering the best results.

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    Our approach

    Our rigorous data capture, analysis and interpretation processes provide you with accurate management indicators.

    Our structure combines technology and expertise to obtain reliable data that, once interpreted, allows you to make the best choices for your growing company. We implement technological solutions that are easy to use and require fewer manipulations, thus reducing the risk of errors. This means more time for your operations, better expense management and more reliable data.

    Our services

    By combining technological rigour and human interpretation, we can achieve optimal financial control.

    The power of technology

    We can increase productivity through technology, thanks to powerful systems that let you focus on the tasks that add real value to your business.

    Operations audit and compliance

    We implement control processes to ensure the quality of your financial data, an important step in your development.

    Take your data with you, everywhere

    Access your data from anywhere and rely on cloud infrastructure to remain in complete control.

    A few figures

    Important markers of financial control

    5500 or +
    Number of supplier invoices processed every month
    3 or +
    Number of coworkers involved in your account
    Number of internal control layers to ensure your data’s reliability
    Frequently asked questions

    Answers to the questions we are asked most frequently

    Can I access my numbers from anywhere?

    Of course, you can! We use cloud-based software that allows managers to access their data at any time and conduct their operations from anywhere without compromising the quality of financial control.

    How do you receive all of our bills to pay?

    We implement software that allows invoices to be submitted remotely. We work in the same way we would if we were in the office with you!

    Who takes care of our year-end accounting?

    Our team collects all the documents for your external accountant, but we do not produce tax returns. We are happy to work with your external accountant to answer any questions they may have as they prepare your year-end returns.

    How often do you work on our account?

    Our team works on your account at least three times a week to ensure continuous improvement and to keep track of your company’s financial situation.

    Additional services

    Once we have taken control of your finances, it’s time to improve processes.


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