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    Choosing the Right Products

    10 August 2022 2 minutes

    With so many software products available on the market today, businesses face a difficult choice: How do you choose the right tools for your organization? From specialized software to invoicing, payroll or accounting tools, one can easily get lost and implement software that does not serve their business reality. To avoid such a situation, businesses looking into options should focus on three main criteria to help them make a decision. The tool you pick must provide good performance, be secure and versatile.


    Naturally, one of the first criteria to consider is the tool’s performance. Software provides a good performance when it allows for efficient manipulation of data, automation of processes or extraction of complex data. Today, there is a wide range of specialized software options that provide more in-depth and accurate data management and ensure accurate manipulations and better business monitoring. To ensure that this criteria is met, software must be able to provide you with clear, accurate and consistent data.


    Computer security has evolved considerably, but it remains an important consideration when choosing tools to implement in your business. Your financial data is confidential and of strategic importance to your company. You wouldn’t want just anyone to be able to get their hands on it! It is therefore important to choose software that meets certain security standards. At le Contrôleur, all of the software we use is cloud-based. Not only can it be accessed from anywhere, but it is also backed up and your data is monitored daily. To ensure that this criteria is met, check which security accreditations your software selection holds.


    For today’s companies, versatility is a necessity. Businesses use a multitude of software in combination to address many different parts of their environment. Software must be able to fill a specific need and communicate with each other. This is known as “tech stack.” Using a versatile product also plays a role in your development, as it will be able to keep up as you grow over the years. To ensure that this criteria is met, make sure that the software you are considering can communicate with other tools already implemented in your organization and those you intend to implement. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Moreover, remember that the tool you use for your company’s financial control should be user-friendly. Your business’s viability relies on quality financial data.


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